Many thanks to allwho responded to my last post.

I am trying to findthe service no of P/O Orme . He was a pilot officer by 21/05/1941. I am not sure if he was an instructor or a pilot on operationaltraining at 17 OTU but there are no references (as far as I couldfind) to him in 17 OTU ORB.

He is in my fathersFlying Log book and piloted my Father 17 times, 21/05/1941 to20/06/1941, at 17 OTU (Upwood). I don't know if they were crewed uptogether or not, but my father's last flight was on 20/05/1941marked in his flying log book as Ex. 08. ( I do not know why he stopped flying)

My father was aWO/AG he was at 17 OTU from 03/03/1941 to 08/10/1941, seems a very log time to be at an OTU.

many thanks.