Following service with the RFC/RAF in WWI and post-war for a short time with the territorial New Zealand Air Force, New Zealander Herbert Nelson (known as Nelson) Hawker served with the RAF from 1925 to 1930 and then on the Reserve (as a Flt Lt) until 1936. While on the Reserve he instructed at a number of aero clubs in India and, according to a late family member, was associated with the short-lived Madras Air Taxi Service. In 1934 he returned to the UK and apparently joined de Havillandís as a test pilot.

Hawker delivered the first DH.84 Dragon Rapide for South Africa (later registered as ZS-AES, for African Air Transport Ltd, Germiston, and named Mau Hea Tom) from Hatfield to Johannesburg, departing 29 Dec 34

Interestingly, 13 months later he reliqnuished his RAF commission on appointment to a commission in the South African Special Reserve of Flying Officers, on 18 Jan 36.

He appears to have returned to the UK by 13 Dec 38, as on that date is once again placed on the RAF Reserve. He served right through WWII, transferring (by then as a Sqn Ldr) from the General Duties Branch to the Administrative & Special Duties Branch on 20 Jan 44 and relinquished his commission on 10 Feb 54.
Can anyone confirm his appointment as a test pilot with de Havillandís, please, or tell me anything about his time in South Africa and during WWII (said by a relative to have been CO of Croydon at one point during the latter)?