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Thread: photo PL-19717 403 & 421 sqns line up 1943

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    Default photo PL-19717 403 & 421 sqns line up 1943

    Would any of you RCAF Spitfire buffs have the details (names) of the pilots in this photo please. Its a well known one really.
    Johnson & McNair notably feature at center & Johnnie Sherlock, who aged 90, 2 years ago was understandably hard pressed to recall who was standing on his right (any ideas please?)

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    Default Pl-19717

    Seated on ground: Sergeant James R. MacKinnon (Winnipeg), F/O Livingstone Foster (Grimsby, Ontario), F/L Charles R. Thornton (Detroit, Michigan), F/L David Goldberg (Hamilton, Ontario), F/O Philip C. Musgrave (Winnipeg), P/O Robert W. Isbistento), Sergeant Ivers R. Foster (Thornhill, Ontario), F/O John Drope (Regina), F/O R. Gordon Driver (Toronto)

    Seated on chairs: F/O J.P, Lecoq (Montreal), F/O John Hodgson (Calgary), F/O James Preston (St. Catharines, Ontario), P/O John Allen Wilson (Hamilton, Ontario), F/L Dean Dover (Mount Dennis, Toronto), F/L Noel John Ogilvie (Ottawa), F/L Frank E. "Bitsy" Grant (Brockville, Ontario), W/C J.E. Johnston, DSO, DFC, S/L Robert W. "Buck" McNair (North Battleford, Saskatchewan), F/L Robert D. Phillip (Toronto), S/L Normaqn R. Fowlow, DFC (Windsor, Nova Scotia), F/O John A. Orand (Wellesley, Ontario), F/O Henry P.M. Zary (New York City), P/O Jack Bamford (Hamilton, Ontario), P/O Nick B. Dixon (Sudbury, Ontario), F/O Daniel Kenneth Wilson (Brantford, Ontario)

    Standing: F/O Harry Dowding (Sarnia, Ontario), Sergeant Stanley Barnes (Toronto), Warant Officer Clinton E. Rae (Moulinette, Ontario), F/O Thomas (not further identified, from Montreal), F/L Arthur C. Coles (North Vancouver), P/O Paul K. Gray (Toronto), P/O Thurne Parks (Oshawa, Ontario), P/O John S. Hicks (Ottawa), F/O L.R. Thorne (London, Ontario), F/O Ralph W. Nickerson (Moncton, New Brunswick), F/L John N. Patterson (Ottawa), P/O Horace F. Packard (Montreal), F/L Roger C. Wilson (Toronto).

    On aircraft: F/L Herbert J. Southwood (Calgary), F/L Harry A. Patterson (Hamilton, Ontario), F/O Stanley W. Matthews (Winnipeg), F/O F/O James F. Lambert (Winnipeg), Sergeant Norman V. Chevers (Niagara Falls), F/O J.D. Browne (Florham Park, New Jersey), F/L Malcolm C. Gordon (Edmonton, Alberta), F/O Paul G. Johnson (Bethel, Connectecut), P/O Percy Alan McLachlan (Vancouver), F/O Alan E. Fleming (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario), F/O Walter S. Quint (Guelph, Ontario), P/O Karl R. Linton (Plaster Rock, New Brunswick), F/O Wilbert E. Harten (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario), and F/O C. Guerard DeNacrede (Calgary, Alberta).

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    Default thanks hugh

    Many thanks Hugh. I appreciate your help.
    I have however already received the listing from another source, but thanks very much all the same.
    There are 2 pilots not on your (standing) list,
    Strangely one of whom was the subject of my enquiry (FJ Sherlock DFC).
    it should read:
    F/O Harry Dowding, Sarnia, Ont;
    Sgt. Stanley Barnes, Toronto;
    W/O Clinton E. Rae, Moulinette, Ont;
    F/O Tommy Brannagan, Montreal;
    F/O Robert Middlemiss
    F/L Arthur C. Coles, North Vancouver, B.C.;
    P/O Paul K. Gray, Toronto;
    F/L Frederick John Sherlock, Calgary;
    P/O William F. Cook, Clinton, Ont.;
    P/O Thurne Parks, Oshawa, Ont.;
    P/O John S. Hicks, Ottawa;
    F/O L. R. Thorne, London, Ont.;
    F/O Ralph W. Nickerson, Moncton, N.B.
    F/L John N. Patterson, Ottawa;
    P/O Horace F. Packard, Montreal; and
    F/L Roger C. Wilson, Toronto

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