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Thread: F/L Frederick Bradford 65 Squadron

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    Default F/L Frederick Bradford 65 Squadron

    Does anyone have any infomation concerning the above pilot who fell in combat with JG5 over Norway on 11-4-1945 while flying a Mustang of 65 Sqd. I have some basic details such as dob, date of marriage, Gazetted LAC to P/O and would like to obtain a photograph if possible. Prior to joining the RAF I was told he was a Police Officer possibly in the Bristol area, any information about him would be helpful,


    Brian Bines

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    Default F/Lt Bradford


    Do you know there are several threads on 12 o'clock high! about this guy? Perhaps the most substantial is


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    Default F/L Bradford


    Thanks for that I gathered some extra info. The posts indicate Bradford fell to Oblt Schneider however Oblt Hans Schneider 13/JG5 fell in combat on 12-3-45 a month before F/L Bradford was shot down,


    Brian Bines

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