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    Hello All,

    Warren Mitchell (of Till Death Us Do Part fame) has just ‘flown through the storms into the sunset’. RIP.

    Many of his Obits make mention that he Enlisted in 1944 (probably on or about his 18th birthday) together with Richard Burton. He is said to have done Nav training in Canada – but WW2 ended before he flew operationally.

    His Birth was Registered as Warren Misell (Q1 1926 Hackney 1b 562). His Marriage was Registered as Warren Misell (Q2 1951 Pancras 5d 776). He changed his (stage?) name to Mitchell shortly after. Thus, he should appear in AIR 78 as ‘Misell’? He doesn’t. There is a Warren Peter Mitchell – 2543045, NSA Recruits – non-ATC, Jan 47-Jun 53, but this is unlikely to be he. He was from a Jewish background. Many such persons had ‘noms de guerre’ when Enlisting, or being Commissioned. Just how ‘legal’ were these?

    The reason I ask about his RAF career is that between leaving school and joining the Met Office I was (amongst other things) the Chief Deputy Gopher at the local repertory theatre for a short period of time. I have actually acted, on stage, with the late Warren Mitchell!!!

    Anybody know anything?


    Peter Davies
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