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Thread: John Francis NICHOLS, died on RAF raid to Nurnberg 28/8/1943 in Stirling EE 942

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    Default John Francis NICHOLS, died on RAF raid to Nurnberg 28/8/1943 in Stirling EE 942

    John Francis Nichols was the pilot of my Uncle's Stirling aircraft that crashed on a raid to Nurnberg on 28th August 1943

    I am looking to trace any living relatives or others that may know more about him

    I can't find any record on Ancestry or Genes Reunited websites. I believe he was British but don't know D.O.B, next of kin or where he came from.

    But I know he existed! See Commonwealth War Graves site

    Can you help find him?



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    Paul, Hi,

    John Francis Nichols 1318759

    That Enlisted number is in the block 1300001-1360800 issued between Jun 40 and Feb 41. So that number was probably issued nearer Jun 40 than Feb 41, and was in use by various Recruiting Centres. Having said that then your man should have been 18 when Enlisting. This would put his year of birth before 1923.

    But what you need to do is to obtain his Service Record from RAF Cranwell. This will take some considerable time, and used to cost 30GBP. That Record will answer many of your questions. It will, no doubt, contain many acronyms and shortened forms of RAF terms. There are many on this forum who will be able to help you decipher them.

    Peter Davies
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