Some time ago the subject of surviving example of Polish Air Force Officer Graduation lists (Air Force Lists) came up and three were turned up in the National Archives, May 41, Aug 41 and Aug 43.

I copied them at the time and have recently been putting them into a database, so far I have only done the first one and have been checking for errors and duplications. I turned up a handful of examples of the same service number appearing against different names most I have been able to resolve with the two later AFLs and
Krzystek’s List, usually a number was tranposed with a couple of officers who appear twice, but there is one which is causing me trouble.

An officer is listed in the May 41 list as P-0967 Flying Officer Mieczyslaw Lewandowski, that service number belongs to Pilot Officer Henryk Lewicki.

Using Krzystek's list I have found the following officers with the name M. Lewandowski:
Lewandowski Maksymilian, 76819, S/Ldr, Pilot, 15.03.1909
Lewandowski Mieczysław Antoni, P-1008, G/C, Technical Officer, 28.05.1892
Lewandowski Mieczysław Józef, P-0010 / 76850, F/Lt, Pilot, 17.03.1910

I am thinking that the officer in question is the last on the list but there is a problem. P-0010 according the May 41 list was allocated to Maksymilian Lewandowski with 76819 being blank. By the 1943 list Maksymilian Lewandowski is listed as 76819 (Flt Lt), P-1008 is consistant throughout with M.A. Lewandowski, in 1943 a Wing Commander in the Technical Branch and P-0010 is given as Flt Lt Mieczyslaw Lewandowski in 1943. There is no-one in the index with the service number 76850 which seems to be higher than any other allocated 768## number, the highest I have found is 76838.

Does anyone disagree?