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Thread: RAF Officers - post-war period - photo hunt

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    Default RAF Officers - post-war period - photo hunt

    Hi all,

    I know that this is again off-topic request but I do not know any better forum where to ask than this one:)

    While working on my another book I have identified following personnel my man met during his post-war RAF career.
    This time I am not looking for any additional service details but only for photos or advice how contact them/their families if anyone knows.

    Any help much apprecitaed - I am hoping to find out at least few of them.

    Note: Please respect this forum rules and when providing any contact details etc. for living relatives contact me by PM or by email in my Profile. Thx.

    126954 G/Cpt John William Frost, DFC
    32196 G/Cpt Peter Hamilton Holmes
    51614 G/Cpt James Alexander Kennedy, DFM
    43191 G/Cpt Leonard Cecil Lambert, AFC, AFM

    582015 W/Cdr William Fred Knapper
    199 103 W/Cdr Maurice Douglas Middlemist
    196952 W/Cdr Alan Victor Edward Palmer
    129563 W/Cdr Edward James Allott Patterson, OBE
    159062 W/Cdr Reginald Ernest Tickner

    121139 S/Ldr Reginald Francis Clayton, DFC
    81059 S/Ldr Kenna Humby, DSO, DFC
    184295 S/Ldr Charles Marcus Guy Watson
    52449 S/Ldr Donald Edgar Wilkinson

    194477 F/Lt Geoffrey William Cockerill
    504947 F/Lt Philip Charles Egerton Edgecombe
    506315 F/Lt Robert Mark Pigache

    2797463 P/O Myfanwy Mary Parry, WRAF

    J3501231 ME C. R. King


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    I have just seen this.

    Edward Patterson is my grandfather, Iím tracing back information about him and this came up in a search.

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    William Fred Knapper (582015) was Cmd as a Cranwell Cadet on 5 Apr 1950. He was also a well-liked Station Commander, as a Gp Capt, at RAF Benson on one of my tours there. The College will have a pic of him, but whether you can get hold of it might be difficult! There must be a lot of pix of him as Station Master Benson?
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