According to the Verliesregister of aircraft crashes in Netherlands in WWII, the Ju 88 G-6 622699 of 2./NJG 2 crashed at 2130 hrs at Harfsen. This is confirmed by the book "Nachjagd losses", that adds that that it was shot down in an air battle. The pilot, Uffz Rudolf Kursawe, was killed while the two other crew, Uffz Ernst Licht and Uffz Paul Jähnigen, were wounded.

The book Mosquitopanik describes that night a night dogfight between a nightfighter identified as a Ju 88 G and the Mosquito of 488 Sqn RNZAF flown by Flt Lt K W Chunky Stewart and Flg Off Bill Brumby, that ended with the Ju 88 exploding in mid-air in Groenlo area (around 30 km from Harfsen).

The Ju 88 of NJG 2 was the only German aircraft known to have crashed in Netherlands during this night. I would like to know at which time the 488 Sqn crew claimed their Ju 88 shot down, to see if it matches with the crash time reported.

Or I will be interested to know if a bomber crew did a claim that night.

Thanks in advance