365171 LAC Herbert Stanley Brown (Age 27) Struck and killed by Aircraft propeller (no further details recorded) Burial location NK.

Serving with No 11FTS, RAF Wittering


A/P/O William Dycer Coppinger (Age 22) Whilst flying in a Hawker Audax (K3072) he was involved in mid-air collision over Peterborough with a Hawker Hart of No 7 FTS. Both pilot were killed. Burial location NK but the deceased originated from Alberta, Canada

Serving with No 11 FTS RAF Wittering

The other aircraft involved was Hawker Hart (K3128) The Pilot of this aircraft was A/P/O P.J.S. Shaughnessy (burial location NK) He was serving with No 7FTS, RAF Peterborough

The accident occurred when one of the two aircraft hit the tail of the other, whilst they were trying to fly in formation

Tony H