A Briton named Kendall mingled with the Poles of 306 Sqn back in 1942&43. I am not sure if he was attached to the Squadron or if served at RAF Northolt. I am not sure if NCO or Officer, but I presume the latter.
I have browsed the web, but could not find a clue.
There was a well known Acting Wing Commander Kendall (78741), Douglas Neville, O.B.E., F.R.G.S., born Sep 18 1914 in Porto, Portugal, died May 17 1991 in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, but it seems he spend entire service at RAF Medmenham.
The others were less prominent.
Alec Baden KENDALL, M.B.E. (35095)
Flight Lieutenant Harold Cornelius KENDALL (72401)
Pilot Officer Fred Milford KENDALL (46070)
Flying Officer John Gilbert KENDALL (49030)
Flying Officer Douglas Bevan KENDALL (49459)
Flying Officer Philip Stanley KENDALL (127038) No. 255 Squadron
Flying Officer William Alfred Clifford KENDALL (49461)
Pilot Officer Geoffrey Herridge KENDALL (49460)
1310863 Flight Sergeant Arthur John KENDALL No. 10 Squadron
Flying Officer Robert Charles KENDALL (173876)
1061613 William Henry KENDALL (183942)
Any idea?