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Thread: Search for information airmen KIA 17th june 1944 (moved)

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    Hi Dave,
    That's good information, thanks!
    On 17th of June 2016, a small book will be presentated to the public; all the information I can get from the Netherlands(eye-witnessess, three this week...!) and form foreigner and relatives will be gathered in this book.
    Regards Gerard

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    Re: the three RCAF members lost.

    Donald Fullerton Neilson was the only child of Neil Hingle and Ellen Maud (née Edwards) Neilson of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Neilson Senior, originally from Liverpool, was a cattle rancher with properties in Argentina and Canada. Neilson was working on one of father's ranches in Alberta when he enlisted in 1942.

    Harold Beverly Brett had a brother and two sisters. You can find his sister, Lillian's, family by following this link:

    John Kay Murray, although listed as coming from Ontario, enlisted in Winnipeg. He had two brothers, Charles and Robert, both serving overseas and one sister, Marion. His father, Charles, had died 6 February, 1936 and is buried in Swan River, Manitoba.



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    Dear Gerard van der Vliet:

    About a month ago (November 2022), I found this web page of RAF Commands, while searching on the Internet for further information about my father’s cousin, Alexander Donovan McConnell (‘Don’), who was killed on 17 June, 1944 when the Lancaster Bomber, in which he was flying, crashed near Rhenen. I knew about his death a long time ago, as well as the death of his brother Clyde at Monte Cassino in Italy, on 5 March, 1944. The McConnell family suffered the double tragedy of losing two of their three sons in less than four months. Their mother was my father's Aunt, sister to my grandfather, Walter Charles Donovan.

    Since I gathered the earlier information about Don many years ago, there has obviously been more research about the fate of that Lancaster bomber, and I was sorry not to have found it earlier. But when I read that in 2014 you had been looking for relatives of his, and that you and other citizens had later established a lovely memorial to the eight members of the Lancaster flight crew, I wanted to write to express my appreciation to you for those actions.

    I would welcome further communication with you if you would like that, and could send you my Email address.

    Kind regards,

    Graeme Donovan

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    Default Re: Search for information airmen KIA 17th june 1944 (moved)


    Gerard hasn't visited the forum since May 2016.

    I have sent him an email to the address we have on file advising him of your post.

    edited to add: email bounced from a dead address


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