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Thread: Captain Derrick Holliday - 31 Sqn SAAF

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    Default Captain Derrick Holliday - 31 Sqn SAAF

    In another incarnation, I am the membership secretary of the RAF Historical Society.

    My predecessor died and when I took on the role and acquired a very large volume of correspondence etc and the volume continues to rise, as his widow and executors finalise his estate.

    I have just discovered the autobiography of Captain Derrick Holliday SAAF, a member of 31 Sqn SAAF, in the form of several hundred typed A3 sheets but have yet to read it in detail. The Warsaw airlift is covered and this situates the memoir to some degree. I also believe I have located Holliday's daughter in Australia and I shall be sending a copy of this manuscript, when I can get it copied.

    Can anybody tell me anything about Holliday and his crew?

    Colin Cummings

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    Does this help?

    Lt D.R.F. Holliday SAAF, was shot down on 14/15-8-1944 in No.31 Sqn SAAF Liberator VI KG939 (Pilot - 102760V Capt Jacobus Ludewicus Van Eyssen SAAF [later - DFC]), the aircraft crashing near Michalin, 30km SE of Warsaw (3-killed). Capt J.L. van Eyssen, Lt D.R.F.Holliday, F/Sgt R.W.Lichfield, Lt A.W. Austin and Sgt Pearston survived, and were back on duty (via Russia), not long afterwards.

    See also:

    Eagles Victorious.
    Martin,H.J. & N.D.Orpen.
    Cape Town:Purnell,1978 (2nd.imp.).
    pp.254-257 & 300.

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