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Thread: Boeing Washington Crash, Coningsby 05/01/1953

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    Default Boeing Washington Crash, Coningsby 05/01/1953

    Evening all, new to the forums and joined after meeting a chap today and having a good old chin wag, we are both ex Coningsby, me 1990s Armourer but he was 1950s, rear gunner, and was in the crash mentioned in the title, he is Sgt William Karr as mentioned in an archived thread I stumbled across, could someone point me to any further info on how to find that thread on here or any relevant threads. I will be seeing him again in 4 weeks for another appointment and would like to have some history and knowledge as I said I'd have a mooch around the WWW, he's in his 80s now and doesnt do computers or the internet. thanks in advance.

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    The aircraft - WF553 of 15 Sqn was making a controlled descent in poor weather and made a 'bad weather circuit'. Two landing attempts were abandoned and on the third approach the aircraft struck the ground on the base leg. The navigator Flt Lt E D Read was seriously injured and five others suffered minor injuries.

    The fatal casualties were:
    Flt Lt F A RUST 29 pilot
    F/Sgt E MATHEWS 29 pilot
    F/Sgt G TOMBLIN 29 F/Eng
    F/Sgt L F LLOYD 29 Air Sig
    F/Sgt R D HOWES 34 Nav

    Colin Cummings

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    Some more details of the casualties from the Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian, January 17th 1953, which reported on the inquest:

    Flight Lt. Frederick Anthony Rust, aged 29, of Bournemouth
    Flight Sgt. Eric Matthews, aged 29, of Old Colwyn, Denbighshire
    Flight Sgt Gordon Tomblin, aged 29, Caravan Site, Coningsby
    Flight Sgt Robert Douglas Howes, aged 34, Married Quarters, Thorney Island
    Flight Sgt Leopnard Frederick Lloyd, aged 29, of Haverhill, Suffolk

    Three other crew members are mentioned in the article:

    Sgt James Edward Hallowes, of Coningsby
    Sgt Kenneth John White
    Flight Lt F. G. Read [sic - note different initials]



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