Apologies for placing a Fleet Air Arm query here but any help would be very much appreciated as I've drawn a blank.

My interest starts with Acting Midshipman Peter James Dewing whose final resting place is the main cemetery here in Norwich. The Naval Net site records that he is one of four members of the unit that died on this day in "an aircrash" The other three were Lieutenant Peter Constable, Lieutenant Blyth Ritchie and Acting Sub-Lieutenant Thomas M Smart. The unit included an advanced flying training flight and was equipped with Grumman Martlets, Fairey Fulmars, Miles Masters and Sea Hurricanes.

None of those would have accommodated 4, so my initial assumption was that they were aboard a Squadron hack. The death of all four was recorded in the Sturminster District of Dorset. They were all listed as Killed on Active Service.

A site on Dorset air crashes has nothing for this date, ditto sites like Aircrew Remembered and Aviation Safety.

I then took a closer look at the other men that died on that day. Lieutenant Blyth Ritchie, as a Fleet Air Ace, has a little bit more on him online. He had only recently transferred from 800 Squadron aboard HMS Emperor. A site on that ship has two pictures of Lieutenant Ritchie, one of which has the accompanying text that he was killed in a training flight mid-air collision on July 12, 1944 near Sherborne, Dorset. So now I'm looking for two planes.

Over to you :-)