I found the following article and from the clues I wonder if anyone can confirm the provisional ID have and the incident?

Saturday 16 November 1940 , Cheshire Observer , Cheshire, England
Page 12

Chester Airman On His Experiences
Our aircraft last night carried out successful bombing operations over Berlin.
Hamburg, the marshalling yards at Hamm and objectives in enemy-occupied territory"
Communiqués like this are always being issued nowadays, and Chester people
who have listened to them may have reflected upon the experiences
of the men who formed the crews of the aircraft those exploits.
One of them is Sergt D. Austin, son Mr and the late Mrs J Austin, of 30 Brook Lane Chester, who
is an air gunner and member of the crew of a bomber which has paid some
unwelcome visits to Herr Hitler’s territory. He joined the RAF in September 1939, as soon as War broke
out. leaving his employment at Williams and Williams Reliance Works. He is keenly enthusiastic
about life in the RAF. and describes his colleagues the finest set fellows
one could wish for
Sergt. Austin has been over enemy territory more than once, and Berlin, Hamburg
and Kiel, as well as places in enemy-occupied France, have heard the drone of
his aircrafts engines progress steadily across the
night sky. His impressions of these flights are that Hamburg can offer a
much warmer reception than the German capital, and that despite the fact
that Berlin seems bristle with guns. Kiel too is another hot spot.
Only once has anything untoward
befallen Sergt. Austin and the other members of his crew. They had been hammering Berlin,
and after discharging some tons of high explosives where they would most good, set a course for
home, with the anti-aircraft guns blazing away at them all quarters. . They twisted and dodged and changed
altitude in "evasive action", but somewhere over Germany they were hit by shell fragments

None of the crew was wounded, but the aircraft was damaged
Nevertheless, the pilot maintained control, and flew on and on towards his base. All might have gone well
but the weather worsened, and the damaged aircraft was buffeted and tossed about.
They lost altitude. Flying became more difficult. At last, over the inter-communication system,
, the other members the crew heard the pilot giving instructions to "bale out."

They were flying at 4.,000 feet.
Below. they could see nothing, and might have been over the sea. That had to risked. They Jumped. In forcing
open a damaged door, Sergt. Austin cut his hand badly, and says that after jumping
into space his main thought was for his injury. Most people shudder at the thought
of taking a header into four thousand feel of spare, but Sergt. Austin says that
when his parachute opened and he began to float down, it was a lovely sensation
The crew landed safely near the east coast, and the pilot actually stayed on his damaged
aircraft and brought it safely down
Sergt Austin has just spent a spell on sick-leave at home, while his injured hand healed.
As a boy he went to Chester College Scholl and later played cricket and
football for Reliance Works He has a brother in Army in the Near East.

Right so who is 'D Austin'

from 1939 Register we have

Douglas Austin 1918 Chester C.B. Cheshire
who shares an Address with a James Austin in Brook Lane Chester

Free BMD confirms a Douglas Austin born in 2nd Qtr in Chester

I can see only two Douglas Austin that fit

Douglas Austin 970367
Douglas Cuffley Austin 902738 -> I have a Douglas C Austin born Woolwich 1916

900000 to 934899 Sep 1939 Uxbridge --> Would make sense for enlistment Woolwich
965000 to 1149977 Sep 1939 Padgate --> Would make sense for enlistment Chester

I then have


Appointment to commission.
As Pit. Offs. on prob. (emergency) 9th Sept.
1943: —
from Ldg. Acm.

970367 Douglas AUSTIN (155650).

Not Sgt though ! - Which is a mystery