Dear all,

Could someone confirm the actual time of loss of S/L McLellar, DFC*, on his last mission, on the 1st November 1940?

Several books and sites inform 18:20hs, as the time of his loss and I have read that he was flying on Hurricane Mark I serial number V6879.

According to the ORB the take-off time was 07:40 (morning patrol) and he was flying aboard V6878. Which is correct? Can we assume the ORB may be wrong?

It seems the ORB may be wrong regarding the serial number of his aircraft...

Some DATA do claim that he was shot down and killed by Hptm Wolfgang Lippert from JG 27; but are there further "not confirmed" claims by the Luftwaffe both at 08:20 and 18:20 (British Local Time)?

Thank you