I'm looking for the details of a Lancaster, I believe was lost on a Bomber Command raid on Houffalize 30/31 December 1944.

The Bomber Command Diaries, list 1 Lancaster crashed in France. Nothing is mentioned in Bomber Command 1944 Losses.

I am trying to find details around the award of a D.F.C :-

153815 F/O Stuart Frederick MERRITT 61 Sqn LG 23/3/1945 Citation :-

This officer was the air bomber in an aircraft detailed to attack Houffalize. Whilst over the target the aircraft was hit by anti aircraft fire. Serious damage was sustained. The pilot, who was also the captain, was wounded and momentarily lost control. Much height was lost but he succeeded in levelling out and afterwards regained some height. He was in great pain, however, and it was obvious that his wounds needed immediate attention. Though not as skilled as a regular pilot. Flying Officer Merritt thereupon took over the duties. The badly damaged aircraft became very difficult to control but Flying Officer Merritt flew it for some time to reach allied territory. Meanwhile the conditions of the injured pilot became worse. Flying Officer Merritt therefore assumed captaincy and later, when unable to control the aircraft any longer, he gave the order to abandon. The injured pilot was released first, and then Flying Officer Merritt ensured that each remaining crew member had got clear before he himself jumped. This officer displayed praiseworthy skill, coolness and resource in a most difficult situation.