I am currently researching the story of the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment being at Prestwick during WW2. Any feed back will be appreciated. MAEE had its land based aircraft at Prestwick, its seaplanes and flying boats at RAF Helensburgh. Both establishments carried out secret trials. MAEE had a secure Callender Hamilton hangar which I think was on the eastern side of Prestwick airport. Aircraft used included Wellington and Mosquito bombers, some of which were used in Highball trials on Loch Striven. Dummy Highballs casings were delivered amid high security to MAEE at Prestwick from Morris Furniture, Glasgow. While conducting trials in association with RAF Helensburgh, MAEE Prestwick also answered to the Ministry of Aircraft Production. Scottish Aviation maintained the aircraft. There were about 30 pilots and MAEE/RAF aircrew based at Prestwick led by Flt Lt. Stuart Carswell, who died in October 1945 flying Wellington NA929 during trials for the MAEE. Files at Kew record the setting up of MAEE at Prestwick plus details of some of the trials conducted but there is little else regarding actual personnel and serial numbers of aircraft used. Any information will be appreciated. robin bird