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Thread: Bomber Command Loss Card Series Creation Date

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    Default Bomber Command Loss Card Series Creation Date

    Been doing some work on the development of perforated edge codes on Form 1180 Accident Cards.

    The first use of the codes in the F1180 series dates to 31st Dec 1941 but I noticed that Bomber Command Loss Card series used them from first operations on 4th Sept 1939.

    I found it strange that Air Ministry would lag Bomber Command in using this file indexing/searching aid and considered if Bomber Command had been used for trials.

    However on closer inspection I see that all Bomber Command Loss Cards prior to April 1944 have been restrospectivley completed from archive details.

    The clue is in the printers marks for the blank card stock, bottom right corner of each card (eg 4/44).

    Not an earth shaking conspiracy - just have in the back of your mind when using them that errors of transcription and replication of archive error could be present.

    Especially if the card was not opened/added/closed by several different hands during it's life as other index cards were.

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    Good catch and explains a couple of things I have had a nagging doubt about namely

    1) Why handwriting on a lot the same (and not a easy handwriting to read)
    2) Why no corrections on earlier card how did they know the person was dead or safe pow ? Why not listed missing first then crossed out with new status


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