Hello everyone,

I'm new here, and I didn't found any thread to make a presentation, so I go there. If I'm wrong, please move the thread in the appropriate place.

I'm Victorious V, 20 years old and French. I get there for informations about a novel that I'm actually writing, dealing with a Lancaster aircrew between 1943 and 1945. It is a fiction but I really want my book to be accurate and historical. I send mails to divers website like International Bomber Command Centre and the Imperial War Museum. I hope that I will get the help I need for my novel and learn about many aspects of the British Bomber Aircrews that I didn't know.
I don't know if it is possible, but I sincerely hope that I could get in touch with WWII Survivors for sharing stories, feelings and experience encountered by these brave men.

See you guys on the forum !

PS: Sorry for my bad english.