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Thread: Lancaster ED559 - Struck Off Charge - Disposal Letters E & M on file

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    Default Lancaster ED559 - Struck Off Charge - Disposal Letters E & M on file

    I have a form I received from the RAF Museum Hendon library with regards to a Lancaster I'm researching (100 Squadron Lancaster III ED559 JA-D - lost March 1943).

    The form indicated the S.O.C details, Disposal and Date. Various Lancasters have either an E or M.

    I am assuming that M may refer to "Missing" but need to verify this. I looked up ED 554 (207 Sqn Lancaster I ED554 EM-Q) which has an E and this was lost on a raid to Duisburg so not entirely sure what's going on here.

    The form can be viewed half way down this page

    N.B. I posted this query on another forum but haven't had a reply there.

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    Whenever something happened to an aircraft (and/or engines) which affected their 'condition', a category was allocated to indicate in general terms what had happened.

    These categories have changed several times over the years, as have the precise definitions as to what each encompasses. Furthermore, some categories are sub divided, in order to give a more precise meaning.

    'E' meant that the aircraft was no more, as there had been no indication of what had happened it was not possible to add a suffix to 'E' in this case.

    Colin Cummings

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    The loss date for ED554 is night 9th/10th April and the Form 78 should confirm this as missing (Em) but the F1623 SOC date is a few days later. It's this admin adjustment date (13th April)mof non effective airframe that is given in the contract card.

    Looks like an admin error on the Form 78 for ED559, subsequently amended on the F78.

    On night of 4/5th March No.100 Sqn had two Cat E losses - ED549 crashed trying to land at Langar while ED559 crashed in the target area.

    Normally the F78 for ED559 would either be annotated Em or missing but the first entry is Cat.E (possibly confused for ED549) them "missing" added with no date or authority. Finally a Form 1623 has been submitted on 16th March which contains official SOC as non effective airframe.

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