I wonder if anyone can please help me track down the Squadron that my Wife's uncle served with.

He is mentioned in this thread:


It is well over 20 years since he died, but I do recall him saying that he flew Beaufighters and Mosquitoes.

I assume that his number (137454) indicates he served with a Squadron in the Middle East (do correct me if I am wrong!).

I have narrowed down the squadrons that used Beaufighters and Mosquitoes in that theatre to two, namely 89 and 211, but cannot get any further. I wonder if it was 89 as Group Captain Frank Ormond "Mongoose" Soden is also mentioned in the same thread and I also found them mentioned together in the Kenya Gazette.


He was airfield commander at RAF Castel Benito where 89 Squadron was stationed between March and August 1943.

Obviously this could just be a coincidence.

I have bought several of the AIR 27 729 and AIR 27 730 Operations record books, but at 3.45 for a month's report it is getting a bit pricey and I have not found him mentioned so far.

Many thanks.