I'm working on my father's service records, doing my best to translate them for the benefit of the rest of the family. He joined the RAF as a boy entrant in 1936 and trained as an armourer, later retraining as a fitter armourer and going to South Africa as an instructor. In 1943 he went to RAF Bathurst (Coastal Command) in what is now Gambia, and at the end of 1943 returned to the UK. He was posted to RAF Syerston - the Lancaster Finishing School - and in April 1944 his rank changed from Sergeant to Flight Sergeant.

He always told us that being a Flight Sergeant meant flying duties, and that the rank was to ensure better treatment in the event of capture.

What sort of flying duties would a (by now very experienced) fitter armourer have?

I'd be very grateful for any help!

Granny Pat