I was wondering if anyone out there can help. I have been hearing stories of a fighter aircraft that was shot down in the area of Lyons La ForÍt, upper Normandy.

Although I have spoken to witnesses who can confirm that it happened no one can confirm what the plane was or who was piloting it! It is believed that the incident took place in the early days of the war in either 1940 or 41. My guess is 1940.

All that I know about the pilot is that he survived, was taken in by local reidents to be looked after but unfortunately the incident was reported and the pilot was picked up by whhat is belived to have been the Gestapo.

One eye witnes says he saw a dogfight take place over an area called Les Masions Blanche and that as the fighter was coming down it flew so mow over his head that he saw the tree tops just behind hims shake!! The location of it's final resting place is said to be near a hamlet called Villaine.

If anyone could help in this matter it would be fantastic as I would like to see if I could get a plaque erected in the area.