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Thread: Lancaster NE172 582 Sqn - Captured German Report

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    Default Lancaster NE172 582 Sqn - Captured German Report

    I do with a Belgian friend a research of Lancaster NE172 of 582Sqn crashed at my hometown De Panne - Adinkerke on the 14th June 1944 Ops as Master Bomber to mark Marshalling Yards Douai (France). Last week 7th June we held a ceremony for the Crew and their relatives at Coxyde Military Cemetery. The families are searching after German Report KE 8876 that is on the Loss Card. [/COLOR][/FONT]On the card the date, crew and squadron are correct but the S/N from the aircraft is misspeld. ND714 must be NE172.
    Also on this card a German report is mentioned that the allies found after the war concerning the crash of Lanc NE172. This captured German report is: KE 8876
    Who can help us to find this German Report?
    Kind Regards,
    Johan SAMYN
    Warrant Officer
    Belgian Air Force
    Maintenance Engineer Sea King / NH90
    Koksijde Air Base
    P.S.: You can always find us at for more information.

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    Welcome to RAF Commands, Johan.

    In the event that no-one is able to help, could I ask if you have tried seeking help on the 12 O'Clock High Forum which deals specifically with all German aspects of WW2? The website is at, and from the welcome page you will see it is quite comprehensive.

    Good hunting

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    Hi Johann,

    the "captured German report" was actually one of thousands of Luftwaffe intelligence files documenting crashed Allied aircraft and their crews that were discovered by the British in a basement in Germany at the end of the war. The files pertaining to RAF aircraft were kept by the British Authorities, and post-war those contents from the files deemed to be worth keeping were transferred to the relevant casualty file for the aircraft concerned. While a number of early war casualty files (called 'casualty packs') have been transferred to The National Archives in series AIR 81, the file you would be interested in is still retained by the British Ministry of Defence and is still classified.

    I would suggest that you contact the RAF Air Historical Branch to make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for details from the surviving German records held on the casualty file for NE172. Please note that you need to be very specific about what information you are after and that certain contents of the documents may be exempted from FOI due to privacy laws.



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