Hello All,
Is there a list somewhere of all the RAF Form Numbers? I’ve fumbled about on this forum, but failed to find anything. I have to assume there was/is an AP dealing with the subject which runs to several volumes. It’s no doubt hidden somewhere in TNA, but I do tend to have ‘differences of opinion’ with them as to how they should be interrogated!!
Then, what happened to all those RAF Form Numbers when the RAF became a subset of MoD?
Then, what happened to those Form Numbers when bits of the RAF/MoD were hived off to become Agencies (in my own experience the Demand Form 600 became a Form 600(Met), etc)?
Somebody(s) must have worked at this problem. I would be grateful for a steer in that direction.
Or is the subject a PhD Thesis in the making???
Or, alternatively, if the subject has been thoroughly 'gone over', and I've failed to find it, I apologise.
Peter Davies