In late August 1941 British (Indian) and Russian troops marched into Iran to secure Allied interests. Code name was Operation Countenance.

RAF involvement was limited. On 26-8-1941 six Valentia transport planes of 31 Squadron (then at RAF Shaiba near Basra, Iraq) took 85 sepoys of B Company, 3/10th Baluch Regiment into Iran.
Two of those machines crash landed, but with no injuries to crew and troops.

Are the serial numbers known of the Valentias involved, with the crashed ones in particular?

Also as an aside: who can confirm that the only air loss, a Vincent of 244 Squadron, was flown by P/O Frank Woolley? He got out safe near Ahvaz, but is said to have been shot down in error by a Hurricane of 261 Squadron. Was this Hurricane piloted by the CO, S/L Ernest Mason?

Thanks for all the info.