Hello All
This one is mainly for the Brits at Square Bashing.
AP 818 is the RAF Drill Manual (there are various editions downloadable).
I did my NSA Square Bashing at Hednesford (the ‘upmarket’ Square Bashing establishment! Remember POMs?).
At the end of my 8 weeks we were definitely taught (by the good/evil, avuncular/vicious, Drill Instructor Cpl S***** - who, incidentally, I outranked even as a Recruit!!!) the Queen Anne Salute – this was with the good old Lee-Enfield 303 rifle. Might have been a bit difficult with the FN SLR, and definitely impossible with the ‘pop-gun’ in use today!
The Flight I was in definitely won the Drill Competition.
I cannot remember if we were allowed to use the Queen Anne Salute in the Drill Test (NB Forget all the theatrical flummery of the American versions of the Queen Anne Salute.).
I have ‘ searched’ the various versions of AP 818. No mention of Queen Anne Salute.
So was this just an unofficial ‘party piece’ for drill competitions, or did it ever have a real place in the Drill empire (early APs?)?
Incidentally, the good Cpl S***** donated some of his ‘winnings’ in the Instructors sweepstake to our flight farewell pi$$up. Good man! Bloody hard – but bloody fair!!
Peter Davies