Hi all,
during this succesful combat with Luftwaffe fighters No 19. squadron pilots claimed :
1. F/Sgt B. M. Vassiliades: 1xFw190, 1xBf109 destroyed and 1xHe111 damaged on the ground.
2. F/O J. M. Maynard: 1xFw190 destroyed
3. W/O M. H. Bell: 1xFw190 destroyed
4. P/O J. E. Staples: 1xFw190 damaged – according to 2TAF vol. 1 by Ch. Shores
Identity of the fourth claim is little bit problematical for me because No. 19 squadron ORB didn´t mention claim of P/O Staples, but states 1xBf109 destroyed by Australian W/O Harry St. George “Hap” HOLMES (AUS.420752).
any idea is warmly appreciate