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Thread: 1 RCAF Squadron 25 August 1940

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    Default 1 RCAF Squadron 25 August 1940

    Trying to find the name of the pilot and serial no of the Hawker Hurricane that shot down the Blenheim of 235 Sqn over Thorney Island on 25 August (?) 1940.

    Many Thanks

    Andrew Bird
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    Hi Andrew,

    I think I have found your accident but there is unfortunately no info about the attacking planes:

    SATURDAY AUGUST 24th 1940
    1645hrs: W of Selsey. Blenheim T1804. 235 Squadron Thorney Island
    P/O D.N.Woodger listed as missing.
    Sgt D.L.Wright killed. (Shot down by Hurricanes of 1RCAF and crashed into Bracklesham Bay)

    Hope this helps a little

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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    Default Freindly FIre

    G'day Andrew

    The Canadians actually shot down two Blenheims that day.

    Here is an extract from the book 'High Blue Battle' written by Dave McIntosh.

    "The operations record book did not tell the true and terrible events of August 24, 1940, the only occassion when unpalatable facts were overlookd. The Squadron shot down two Blenheim patrols planes of 235 Squadron RAF Coastal Command, mistaking them for German JU-88 bombers. McNab* and F/O P.B. Pitcher recognized the planes as friendly when the interception was made off Portsmouth, but others did not. F/L M.cGregor and F/O J.P.J. Desloges together claimed a JU-88 destroyed and F/O's A.D. Nesbit, Arthur, Yuile and W.P. Sprenger claimed hists on another JU-88. The pilots said they had been fired on, buth the Blenheims had been shooting yellow and red very pistol flares to identify themselves as friendly. One Blenheim crashed into the sea and the three-man crew was killed. The other crashlanded and the crew got out with cuts and bruises. It was a tragic introduction for No. 1 Squadron into the Battle of Britain. RCAF Headquarters in London did not tell National Defence in Ottawa about it until after the war, on February 27, 1947, and then only in reply to an official query. The letter from London said;

    The five combat reports submitted by No. 1 Canadian Squadron, dated 24 August 1940, and queried in your reference letter, were unsubstanitated claims. The two aircraft destroyed in these combats were Blenheims of Coastal Command. Documents giving the full story of the mistaken attacks are enclosed.

    Two versions of the Operations Record Book of No. 1 Canadian Squadron for the month of August, 1940 are in existence. One version described the attack on the Coastal Command aircraft on August 24, but implies that is was broken off before any damage was done. This version of the Operations Record Book omits any mention of the genuine squadron victories on August 26 and August 31. The second version of the Operations Record Book omits all mention of the attack on August 24, but describes the action on August 26 [and 31].

    It is the second version which survives in the files of the Defence Department's history directorate and in the microfilm copy at National Archives."

    * McNab was S/L Ernie Mcnab, the commanding officer of No. 1 (RCAF) Fighter Squadron.


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