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Thread: LAC Donald Audsley 1531928 175 Squadron RAF 1944-45

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    Default LAC Donald Audsley 1531928 175 Squadron RAF 1944-45

    My Grandfather above was left for dead at some point during his time with 175 but lucky for him someone found him. He would never speak about the war and we don't know if it was because of this or from loosing a friend in the war. I have been scrolling through the ORB but nothing really stands out and nothing in his service records apart from that he was hospitalised at St Richards hospital Chichester from 25/03/44 to 10/04/44 and also 50 Medical field hospital Eindehoven 26/10/1944 moved to No8 RAF hospital 27/10/44 to 27/11/44. Can anybody help me with this, was the squadron based anywhere that got attacked? Thank you in advance

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    Hello Sir,

    175 Squadron was based at B.80 - Volkel, from September to November 1944 and from December 44 up to March 45.
    From the Magnificent work and books "2nd Tactical Air Force", vol.2 we do have information that on
    21 October 1944 - B.82 Grave suffered another Me 262 bombing attack. One airman KIA and 8 WIA. Some 18 Spitfires were damaged.
    25 October 1944 - a V-2 Flying Rocket hit Duerne Airfield, killing 5 and injuring 6 more airmen (W/C J. Baldwin's Typhoon was damaged)

    So, I can not say if one of those incidents are related to the fact of your Grandfather being wounded. It could have been a Tuberculosis case, some kind of wounding related to him being a Mechanic, or some medical issue. Perhaps you do manage to find his Medical Board Report, to find what he had...I am not aware of other Luftwaffe bombing. Perhaps a Typhoon veered off the runway and hit a trolley, a car he was working on; who knows? Several incidents may have lead him to being sent to Hospital, some not directly involving enemy activity...

    Most humbly yours,
    Adriano S. Baumgartner (researching the Brazilians in RAF Service, 1939-45)

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