Hello everyone

Does anyone know if the Form 541s for 1586 (Polish) Flight are available for the period August and September 1944? I'm trying to trace the Ops flown a by a particular Polish Flight Engineer, and thanks to Dave a.k.a. Highgroundsman I know he joined 301/1586 in August, so I'd like to track his Ops for this time.

I have the 541s for October and November 1944, which are filed under 301 Sqn on the National Archives website, but the earlier ones don't seem to be available. The Form 540 is available, but it's pretty patchy.

The 301 Sqn Form 541 for January 1945 is also incomplete, just two pages covering four days, but I'm not sure if this is a file error on the National Archives website. The February 541 is also listed on their website under January, and vice versa, so the whole thing's a bit messy!

Would 1586 Flight have been under the auspices of 138 Squadron in August and September '44, as this entry on Wikipedia mentions?


Many thanks