I am trying to validate an assumption about a 270 Squadron flight on 22 June 1943.

A freighter in CONVOY OS-49 noted that an Allied bi-motored sea plane was spotted over the convoy on 22 June 1943. It is my understanding that 270 Squadron was flying Catalina's at the time (the only squadron to do so).

I DO know that 95 Squadron had escorted the convoy on 21 June and they shared landing area with 270 Squadron at Bathurst/Half-Die on the Gambia coast.

I would very much like:

1. To find out if my assumption is correct
2. If so, identify the aircraft and obtain a list of her crew
3. Perhaps obtain a photograph of either or both the aircraft and crew.

I am currently writing a book focusing upon the U.S. freighter S.S. SANTA MARGARITA and working on a chapter of her time on the Gold Coast. I am trying to link her to the activities where she sailed..hence the need to ID the aircraft and squadron.

The SANTA MARGARITA arrived in Dakar on 12 June 1943; left to Takoradi with the passing Convoy OS-49 on 20 June; From Freetown area, she joined Convoy ST-70 from Freetown area to Takoradi on 23 June, arriving Takoradi on 27 June. On 9 July, the SANTA MARGARITA joined Convoy TL-15 to Lagos. She returned to Takoradi sailing alone July 14th arriving on the 15th. On August 4th, she sailed from Takoradi in TS-49. On August 11th, she left Freetown on her own back to the United States.

I am trying to coordinate her sailing dates/convoys with records to identify any sightings and contacts as part of this work. Because of the short times she was at sea, I do not want to buy squadron records for all of the June-August time frame....so I am asking for help with No. 270 Squadron.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Theron P. Snell, Ph.D
Albuquerque, NM