Hello gents,

i have a bit of a puzzle i need help sorting:
In the Shrewsbury Chronicle 3rd September 1937 there is an article about an aircraft force landing.
It states that an RAF single seat fighter aircraft force landed on the 31st August 1937 on farm land near Montford Bridge. The plane was on its way from Debden-Sealand and the pilot P/O Jones-Bateman was uninjured and flew out of the field when the weather improved.

Now i am trying to establish a) Who was the pilot and b) What was the aircraft type?
Can somebody with a copy of the pre war Air Force list for this period please check for any pilots by the name of Jones-Bateman. I have found Llewelyn Corrie Jones-Bateman (KIA with the FAA in 1943 according to CWGC) commissioned P/O 28th October 1936 in the London Gazette but i was hoping the AFL will state a unit for him? I can then establish a possible aircraft type and then i can check the Forced Landing cards at Hendon when i go down in a few weeks time!
From a quick scan with google it looks like 73 and 80 Squadrons may have been flying Gladiators from Debden in this time period?

I'll look forward to any input!

Cheers, Tom