Pursuing my research focusing upon the S.S. SANTA MARGARITA off the West Coast of Africa during WWII, I am trying to locate information on the operations of 204 Squadron.

I am currently writing a book focusing upon the U.S. freighter S.S. SANTA MARGARITA and working on a chapter of her time on the Gold Coast. I am trying to link her to the activities where she sailed..hence the need to ID aircraft/squadron of any sightings.

The SANTA MARGARITA arrived in Dakar on 12 June 1943; left to Takoradi with the passing Convoy OS-49 on 20 June; From Freetown area, she joined Convoy ST-70 from Freetown area to Takoradi on 23 June, arriving Takoradi on 27 June. On 9 July, the SANTA MARGARITA joined Convoy TL-15 to Lagos. She returned to Takoradi sailing alone July 14th arriving on the 15th. On August 4th, she sailed from Takoradi in TS-49. On August 11th, she left Freetown on her own back to the United States.

I know OS-49 was escorted on 21 June by P/95; I suspect the convoy was escorted by a 270 Squadron A/C on the 22nd.

I am trying to coordinate her sailing dates/convoys with records to identify any sightings and contacts as part of this work. Because of the short times she was at sea, I do not want to buy squadron records for at least three squadrons for all of the June-August time frame....so I am asking for help with No. 200 and 204 Squadrons.

Thank you in advance for suggestions and any information.

Theron P. Snell, Ph.D
Albuquerque, NM; U.S.A.