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    SInce a few weeks I have had contact with the grand niece of Abbot Rene Toulouse who lived in Ferte Milon in the Aisne department, during the war.
    This priest helped at least three British airmen including Sgt \john Edwin Conway SIMPSON. His aircraft, a Halifax of 51 Squadron was shot down on the night of 16/17 April 1943 near Laon.

    During his escape Sgt Simpson was taken prisoner in May 1943 in the Pyrenees an was sent to a prisoner of war camp in Germany (4B?)

    After the war Sgt Simpson continued to serve in the RAF. He was killed in a collision of aircraft over England in September 1949.

    Abbot Toulouse was arressted in June 1944 and died during deportation. I know Sgt Simpson lived at 10 South View, Crayford, Kent

    Myself and a French friend are particularly interested in CONTACTING ANY OF SGT SIMPSON'S RELATIVES with a view to organising a memorial and ceremony in France with the descendents of the members of the resistance who helped him escape. This is not the first ceremony we have organised and would be most grateful if any relative would contact me at
    Thank you in advance
    David Minett and Domique Lecomte

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    Sgt Simpson was killed in a 61 Squadron Lincoln near Staythorpe.

    There is a 50/61 Squadron Association and they have an active membership and website.

    I suggest you pose your request on the website.

    Simpson is buried at RAF Waddington, which suggests that his family (wife/children) lived there, possibly in married quarters or that his remains were not claimed and returned to his birth town. The squadron Form 540 and local newspapers would have some record of the crash and possibly photographs or details of the funeral.

    Colin Cummings

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