Hello everyone

I'm looking for information about the above Pilot Officer, as well as a couple of his relatives. He was born in Morpeth in 1906, but emigrated to Montreal in 1929. On the outbreak of war he joined the R.C.A.F. The Morpeth Herald of October 31st 1941 reports that he visiting his home town, and was 'now in the Royal Canadian Air Force attached to the R.A.F.'

Another report from 1947 states that he was now commissioned in the R.A.F., having returned from Canada. I'd be interested if anyone can supply any details - service number perhaps?

Two of his brothers and a nephew were also in the R.A.F.

His brother William Appleby, 42975, was killed on July 23rd 1940 in Hudson P5152 of 269 Sqn, which collided with Hurricane P2862 of 3 Squadron at Wick.

Another brother, Robert Brown Appleby, 132571, was awarded an M.B.E. in January 1945 for 'his work as an R.A.F. transport officer just prior to D-Day.' Has anyone anything furtehr on his award?

His nephew, Sydney Osborne Appleby, 1292707, was at ITW Torquay in 1940, sharing a room with 'Screwball' Buerling, trained at Perranporth in 1942, and was posted to 610 Sqn on October 2nd 1942, and then to 611 five days later. In February 1946 he belly landed his aircraft at 'Nyaung-Bin-Wah' in Burma on a ferry flight:


Can't find a match in Halley's Broken Wings, as I can't find where Nyaung-Bin-Wah is.