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Thread: W/O H.J.Hart 410597, 299 Squadron

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    Default W/O H.J.Hart 410597, 299 Squadron

    Good day,

    From a list in the book The Stirling story by Michael Bowyer my uncle
    identified three aircraft which he was onboard when they crashed.

    But two of the crashes are not shown in his diary, or the 299 squadron
    operation record from the AIR record I obtained.

    The third one was an FTR, he and several of the crew evaded.

    The first two are shown in the Bowyer book as LJ 817 Keevil uc collapsed
    landing (his hand written note "pine trees") and EF 305 shown as overshot
    (his note "on south coast").

    Does anybody know if there is a source where details of such "general"
    accidents can be found, with detail that may assist with cross-checking ?

    Or to identify if he has erred in identifying the correct serial number and
    find the correct one....


    Leigh hart

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    Hello Leigh

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure more knowledgeable folk may be able to add more, but for starters, the Air Britain book "The Stirling File" has the following for EF305:

    "Overshot at Keevil and undercarriage collapsed after swing 7.8.44"

    Is that the incident in Bowyer's book?

    By the way, did you check both parts of the ORB - Form 540 (Summary) and Form 541 (Detail)?



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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for yours.

    Yes, that is one of the two accidents.

    Yes I have checked 540 & 541.

    540 is a summary of activities - training / weather / transfers in & out / operations / pick up or deliver from other airfields etc..
    I couldn't see a mention of any of the incidents listed in the Bowyer book.

    541 has the detail of the operations - list of crew / operation name / number of containers etc./ dropped or not and so on.

    So the two I am looking for are not in the diary and not listed in the AIR 27 1654.

    If some of the full Bowyer list weren't to be shown in 540/541 it doesn't seem a surprise, but a nil result did surprise.

    Unless they are recorded in another place..... if the records still exist.



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