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Thread: P/O David John Bain

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    Default P/O David John Bain

    Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong area but on an archived read only portion of this site Alan Soderstrom on 5 Jan 2007, was seeking information on this pilot officer. He was KIA in 1942, but was involved in an accident in 1940 near a village where I live in Somerset. If that person is still looking the following url describes the circumstances of the Jan 1940 accident in or near Castle Cary.

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    Thanks for the post. You may or may not know this, but this is all I have about D J Bain

    "Canadians in UK" - which I believe comes from the Canadians in the Royal Air Force book by Les Allison ??? 1939 P/O David John Bain (RAF) #41243 had accident sometime in 1939 or 1940 which resulted him using a parachute. He was a Canadian in the RAF, joined September 1938. He was from Pincher Creek, Alberta. He was Killed on 10th Aug. 1942 at about 03.50 hrs 405 RCAF squadron Halifax LQ-J serial W-7709 crashed on it's way home (Topcliffe) from a bombing raid on Osnabruck in Germany

    This is the incident you refer to in your post

    Bain's injuries are attributed to his parachute opening and dragging him from the aircraft and as a result was hospitalized for seven months.

    He must not be confused (as he was by me before), with another pilot in RAF at same time "William Pennington "Bill" Bain". 39480

    I had a long time sorting this incident out as on Irvin Caterpillar records he is down as 'A' J Bain

    Do you know where the aircraft Avro Anson K8819 came down or anything else about this incident


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