On 6th of August 1944, Beaufighter aircraft from N 236 Sqdn attacked ennemy vessels in the harbour of Les Sables d'Olonne in West of France. I have the corresponding 236 Sqdn's ORBs, but only Form 540, not Form 541 with the list of the involved crews. As far as I know, W/Cdr. A. Gadd was not appointed to this Sqdn in August 1944 (or any else period). But he was an expert in shipping attacks. So, my (a little bit nave) question is : as a shipping attacks expert, did he exceptionnally lead formations of any RAF Sqdn to attack German vessels, for instance on 6th of August 1944 at Les Sables d'Olonne ? May be friends who have N 236 Sqdns ORBs Form 541 could reply to this question ?

Many thanks in advance

Pierre Babin