Nottingham Evening Post - Saturday 10 May 1930
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A military 'plane travelling from Cranwell Lincolnshire, to Caterick yesterday afternoon crashed into a hedge in a field on the bank
of the River Aire at Chapel Haddlesey, five miles from Selby. The machine was a Armstrong Whitworth Siskin 3A J.9342.

It is understood that the pilot met a heavy rainstorm, which made visibility so bad that he could not see. In attempting land to get his bearings he crossed the River Aire and in the bank of the River Aire and came down in a small field, with the result that he ran into a 6 feet dyke and partly through the hedge into the next field The pilot escaped injuries, but the bottom wings of his plane were smashed.

J Serials:
J9342 TOC 32 Sqn 3.29-2.30; Recond and mod by Vickers on Cont No 333589/30; TOC 27.2.31; 5 FTS 12.31

So it looked like after 32 Sqn J9342 went to RAF College (not listed in J serials) and had the incident above) and was the repaired by Vickers