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    Default Operational Training Unit

    A couple of questions on OTU if I may:

    1. Am I correct in assuming that although the crew "crewed up" at OTU, officers and NCO's would be billeted separately, so they wouldn't have the opportunity to socialise as a complete crew "on station".

    2. Have we (as a group) ever come up with a definitive list of OTU flying exercises?. I am sure I have seen one somewhere, but I can't find it in my archives


    Main areas of research:

    - CA Butler and the loss of Lancaster ME334 ( )
    - Aircrew Training (Basic / Trade / Operational / Continuation / Conversion)
    - The History of No. 35 Squadron (1916 - 1982) (

    [Always looking for copies of original documents / photographs etc relating to these subjects]

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    Even in tented camps Officers would be accommodated, and messed, separately from NCOs (even Warrant Officers!). Within the non-Officer accommodation/messing there were sub-divisions. The Sgts Mess accommodated/messed Sgts/Flt Sgts/WOs. The ORs were accommodated/messed separately. They were accommodated (usually) in the Barrack Blocks (on permanent Stations). They messed in the Airman's Mess. They had the NAAFI for socialising. Within the NAAFI there was often a separate area for the Cpls (some Cpls Clubs I've been in insisted on the 'formalities' with greater rigidity than a Sgts, or Officer's, Mess!!!).
    There was some socialising/fraternisation on Sports Afternoon when Officers, NCOs, ORs, (and even junior Met Assts masquerading as Flying Wing personnel!) were in the (luke-warm!) showers/bath after a rugby match! But even in the pubs in the town/village (and each Sqn had its own hostelry!) the Officers tended to be up one end of the bar, and the NCOs/ORs up the other - even if, that afternoon, we'd just stuffed Cottesmore (old 'enemies'!) 25-0!!
    The social mores of the pre-war, war-time, and post-war eras all slowly changed (as does everything!). Interesting subject! Good Dissertation, or Thesis, material!
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    For that same reason the option to mix as a crew in the public houses was very prevalentů.in relation to dedicated exercises to my mind these changed with some frequency. Currently looking at infa red bulls eye training and having difficulty !

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