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Thread: 144 Squadron pilot 1942 help requested

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    Default 144 Squadron pilot 1942 help requested

    I am in process of editing my father-in-law's letters to his wife from 1937 until his death in 1942. He was a pilot with 144 squadron, was shot down over Heligoland on 7 February 1942. Does anyone have any information on this raid or how one can contact surviving relatives of his comrades?

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    Hello Greyton05

    Could you give us his name?

    Bill Chorley's book Bomber Command Losses 1942 has two 144 Sqn losses for 7th February 1942:

    Hampden I AD824, piloted by Sgt R F Thompson
    Hampden I AE392, piloted by F/L W J W Kingston, from the Irish Republic

    Both were shot down on a mining operation near Terschelling by Luftwaffe pilot Detlev Lüth, along with another Hampden of 50 Sqn. More info here:



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    Hi Greyton05

    My father was a pilot with 144 Squadron at this time. He was not on this operation, mining off the Frisian Islands, he had crashed on take off on the 31 January and was being rested from operations for a few days. His regular navigator a Sgt Chadwick, however flew on the operation on board AD832, they witnessed an unidentified aircraft under attack 6 miles north of Baltrum approaching the Yams mining sector between Wangerooge, and Heligoland. Their observation avoided a confrontation and were able to deliver their mine, safely returning. I undertook a family research project on my fathers period with 144 Squadron and have drawn my own conclusion on events off the Frisians that night. There is some minor doubt on the exact loss positions of the two 144 and one 50Squadron Hampden/s lost. My research is based on archive documents and some contact with family members lost on the operation. I actually met Ned Sparks the Navigator for S/Ldr Bennett in AE310, he came to visit my father, it was in the late 1960s and the last thing either he or I wanted to talk about at that time was the war.

    Send me your email in a private message and I will send you the relevant pages for that night as a pdf.

    As message 1, clarify who you are interested in and I may have more details, my research on the squadron goes back to July 41 when my father joined from 16OTU.


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