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Thread: RCAF No. 3 Bomber & Gunnery School - MacDonald, Manitoba (October 1943)

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    Default RCAF No. 3 Bomber & Gunnery School - MacDonald, Manitoba (October 1943)

    My paternal grandparents were at RCAF No. 3 Bomber & Gunnery School in MacDonald, Manitoba in October of 1943. I have a copy of my grandmother's service records. She was in the RCAF and stationed at MacDonald as a cook. I don't know the identity of my grandfather. My grandmother never talked about him other than to say that he was an officer at MacDonald while she was there. I've been compiling a list of officers at MacDonald from the relevant ORB, but other information has led me to believe that he might have been an airman *training* at McDonald rather than an officer stationed there. DNA testing has shown that he was very strongly Eastern European in ethnicity. Probably Polish. I now think that he might have been an RAF airman (or Polish air force under RAF command), training at MacDonald.

    If anyone has any information about the base from around October of 1943, I would love to hear it. I have found two graduation banquet programs from a slightly later time (February and March of 1944). I would LOVE to find a graduation banquet program from October of 1943. It sets out a list of every graduate's name. I'm not sure how else I'd find that if not for the graduation program. There is no record of graduates in the ORB.

    Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hi Jordan,

    While researching the Aussies on Course 58, 4 SFTS, Saskatoon June-October 1942, I came across the graduation photo of the whole course 58, (54 graduating pilots) at the Saskatoon public library I did however have a list of the graduating pilots from a copy of the graduation menu one of the Aussie pilots sent me. So far I have been able to identify 28 of the 54.

    You might want to try the local library.

    Good luck,


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