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Thread: 106 Sqdn ZN-J /ND853 Lancaster shot down over Schwienfurt Apr.26/27 1944

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    Default 106 Sqdn ZN-J /ND853 Lancaster shot down over Schwienfurt Apr.26/27 1944

    Hello All

    I am doing some research on my Uncle William(Bill) George Stevens, Pilot Officer Air Gunner, J89945, on a Lancaster Mk III. He was shot down over Schwienfurt Germany on the night of April 26 1944. From what i can find so far, he was brought down by Walter Bornschien in a DO217-N1 in which he was shot down as well by the Lancaster crew. In 2 accounts i have found mention that my Uncle was the gunner who returned fire on the DO217. Five planes from the 106 Sqdn were brought down on this night.
    What i am looking for is photos of the plane(nose art, missions,kills) and crew as i am building a scale model of his plane for our family. Two of the crew from the Lancaster survived the crash as did two of Bornshiens crew. Both Lancaster crew were taken to various POW camps until the end of the war.
    Thanks again All


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    Hi Bruce,

    Dr Theo Boiten in his book on Nachtjagd War Diaries has Bornschien shot down by return fire from the Lancaster he shot down but has him in a JU88 which crashed near a flak unit. It also states that he was from Hitler's Fuhrer Staffel and all three aircraft were JU88.



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