Hi All,

Would anyone know a time frame for an airman graduating from their designated course to them being taken on strength at the next course in their training?

Dickson W.E.

T.O.S. 25/4/1942 at 14 SFTS Aylmer. The ORB for this training unit states on the 25th April 1942, 46 AC2's P or O standard arrived from 1 Manning Depot. Dickson eventually became a Bomb Aimer within the crew. So I am assuming (please correct if wrong) that P=Pilot & O=Observer. Would Dickson initially be in training to be a Pilot from the camps he was attending?

From this ORB I am trying to ascertain which course Dickson took part in.

S.O.S. 4/7/1942. On 1/7/1942 in the ORB it states that Course 51 finished flying and paraded prior to posting. Course 51 graduated 3/7/1942.

After 14 SFTS Dickson was sent on to 5 ITS Belleville TOS 5/7/1942.

I hope I have explained myself properly but if not just say and I will try and reword my question.

Cheers for any help