Is there anyone with access to a copy of the 408 Sqdn Operations Record Book (and a few spare minutes) who can help resolve the complicated situation surrounding the loss of Lancaster II DS632, and any possible confusion with LL632.

Chorley and the usual Lancaster reference books are largely in agreement about the loss of LL632 as EQ-G (Capt: F/S BV Greip) of 408 Sqdn on operation to Leipzig on 19-20/2/44. However, on the Form 78 (Aircraft Movement Card) the Cat E (Missing) date is given as 21/2/44.

The fate of DS632 is less straightforward. Air-Britain’s Lancaster File and Mason’s ‘Avro Lancaster’ report it lost over Berlin on 23-24/11/43, as EQ-O according to Mason, but Chorley makes no mention of DS632 on that night. Similarly Cooper, in ‘Bombers over Berlin’ has no reference to DS632 on 23-24/11/43. But the books by Holmes and Robertson agree on 20/2/44 as the ‘Missing’ date for DS632. This is supported by the F.78, but not by Chorley, who makes no mention of DS632 on that night either. So what happened to DS632? And when did it happen? Anyone still with me?

Hopefully the 408 Sqdn ORB between Nov 1943 and Feb 1944 might contain the answers, can any one help?

As a side-issue: Chorley shows one 408 Sqdn loss on 23-24/11/43 – F/O DM Bell in LL623 (Aagh, those digits again) EQ-J. Cooper also shows one loss – F/O DM Bell in LL625 EQ-U. The F.78s for LL623 and LL625 show that neither served with 408 Sqdn!

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