Hi all,
Perhaps a sily question, but I wonder if you could help me in the matter over which I have been thinking about for a long time and couldn`t find any answer.

In all Log-Books of aircrew flying on Lancasters that I have, their Lancasters are described only by code letters, like: Lancaster "L" or Lancaster "G".
The same thing appears in Squadron Flight Authorisation Books regarding training and operational flights on Lancasters.
But on the other hand all Wellington sorties in above mentioned Books as well as in Log-Books of aircrew flying Wellingtons include their serial numbers and code letters.

Was there any official or unofficial rule imposed by BC HQ staff which didn`t allow to use serial numbers of Lancasters flown in Log-Books entries and other documents except ORBs?
In many cases I tried to match sorties mentioned in ORBs and in individual Log-Books and the lack of serial numbers of Lancasters in Log-Books made it much more complicated.
I didn`t have this problem when matching Wellington sorties.
Any asisstance in that matter would be appreciated.