RAF Stinson Sentinel I For Sale

I'm putting my RAF Stinson Sentinel I KJ405 (76-1787 42-99546) project up for sale. KJ405 is one of forty Stinson L-5s given to the RAF via the lend lease program and has combat history with RAF 194 Squadron "The Friendly Firm", RAF 221 Group Communications Flight, and, most importantly, RAF 357 "Special Duties" Squadron. With RAF 357 SD Sqn., KJ405 dropped British SOE operatives behind Japanese lines in the Burmese jungle. KJ405 also transported Field Marshal Sir Francis Festing. KJ405 was delivered to Imphal India in January 1945 and bounced around nearly every Communications Flight in the SEAC.

This is a truly unique piece of RAF and WWII history. Package includes project, years of research (including every related document from the British National Archives at Kew), and countless original accessories (including RCA radio set, British WS-22 field radio set, first aid kit, mooring kit, gages, etc.). If you or anyone you know if interested in this historic package, please have them reach out to me at taylor.a.stevenson@gmail.com.

Package Price (US Buyer): $47,500 USD
Package Price (UK buyer): $40,000 USD (She belongs in the UK honoring RAF veterans)

Taylor Stevenson